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Owning a car is a thrilling feeling, isn’t it? Whether your automobile is brand new or is just new to you, taking care of it will probably take a place among your top priorities once it officially becomes yours. Making your vehicle look attractive and in pristine condition is a huge responsibility. However, as with everything else the “honeymoon period” ends once you overcome the excitement of having a new car and you start looking at it simply as means of transportation from one place to another. The car loses some of its luster figuratively and literally. Regular cleanings one you enjoyed so much may stop, and you may not care as much about the automobile’s appearance. Remember that it is one thing to miss a washing or two at the car wash, but do not let dents, scrapes as well as other damages become a permanent part of your vehicle. Hatter's Auto Body & Towing is the auto body shop that provides the best automotive service in Pine Grove, PA at reasonable prices, so whenever you need help with your car call us at (570) 345-4662. Feel free to contact us.

by Carmen Elle on Hatter's Auto Body & Towing

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Auto body shopTaking pride in your vehicle is essential. No one else will respect your automobile if you personally don’t. Cars that are dented, dingy, and apparently overlooked by their owners are not handled with care by family and friends, valets, or those in parking lots. Hatter's Auto Body & Towing specializes in auto body service in Pine Grove, PA and helps you make sure that everyone sees how important is your automobile to you. We can manage minor issues like damages to one section of the car or dents as well as help tow your car to our auto body shop when if it has been in a huge accident.

You probably like it when your vehicle looks presentable and sparkles, but many do not recognize how essential the body of the automobile actually is. Using a reliable automobile service you can trust in Pine Grove, PA helps you get the quickest repairs and the best quality when something goes wrong. Our 25 years of industry experience of service shows that we have been dedicated to helping clients protect their whole automobile and we plan on continuing to deliver the best results possible.

Towing serviceMaintaining your car on a regular basis helps save money and time in the long run. Your brand new, lovely car may not look so appealing after a few years of constant use. This becomes a major issue when you want to sell or trade in your car. The process of getting your vehicle back into a condition that would earn you money may be quite hassling, time, and labor-consuming. Nevertheless, you may actually end up paying more for the repair than profiting from the sale. Fixing auto body damage as it accrues ensures you will not have to worry and rush when it is time to trade your vehicle. Hatter's Auto Body & Towing will have your automobile looking as good or even better than the condition it was when you get it. You can imagine that after a road accident you should seek the help of a professional collision repair service provider right away.

Businesses in Pine Grove, PA are not established equal. We take great pride in the job we do, as well as the great variety of services we offer including auto body repair, towing service, wrecker service, and much more. We also know our company wouldn’t be so successful today without the customer service we provide. Our experts will listen to your needs and make sure you are completely satisfied every time. Our friendly attitudes and knowledge mixed with our professionalism make Hatter's Auto Body & Towing the best auto body shop you will find in the area.

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Joe Fierro
Joe Fierro
Got stuck with a blown tire on my trailer and I think his name was Alex you guys save the day and got me on the road thanks again would highly recommend this company
Amy Lordan
Amy Lordan
My Wrangler needed towing in the wee hours of the morning. Hatters showed up in 20 minutes, well ahead of the 90 minute estimate AAA gave me. The driver was not only prompt but knowledgeable and kind. It is always refreshing to deal with honest and decent people in the automotive repair industry- they’re few and far between these days. Hatters towing was a breath of fresh air and made a bad situation a lot easier to deal with! 10/10 would recommended!
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